In this series, each episode will focus on a client’s story of their journey to success, and their advice to other businesses and fellow entrepreneurs.
NEW - Episode 3: Angela Crouch, Managing Director, Resident UK
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Success Stories - Angela Crouch

  • Angela Crouch. Managing Director, Resident UK
  • Melissa Thomas
    Senior Manager, Blick Rothenberg

This episode of Success Stories tells the story of Angela Crouch, the Managing Director of mattress and bedding company Nectar.

Following a successful launch in the US in 2016, Nectar launched in the UK in 2018 and became the UK’s first carbon neutral ‘bed in a box’ mattress. Nectar’s parent company, Resident, is now one of world’s fastest growing direct-to-consumer sleep product companies.

So how has Nectar become a multi-award-winning mattress company servicing over three million people worldwide, in just six years? 

In this episode, Managing Director Angela Crouch talks about Nectar’s rapid growth, the sustainability mission which sits at the heart of their business and their advice to other entrepreneurs looking to scale, grow and succeed.

Episode 2: Ben Branson, Founder of Seedlip
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Success Stories - Ben Branson

  • Ben Branson
    Founder of Seedlip
  • Nimesh Shah
    CEO of Blick Rothenberg

This episode of Success Stories tells the story of Ben Branson, the founder of non-alcoholic spirits company Seedlip Drinks.

Ben launched Seedlip Spice 94 in London’s Selfridges on 4 November 2015. His first handmade 1,000 bottles sold out within three weeks, the second thousand in three days, and the third in 30 minutes online.

What began in a kitchen in the woods is now leading a worldwide revolution–changing the way we drink. The pioneering movement of offering those not drinking alcohol a sophisticated, adult option has since become a segment all its own: the ever-growing no and low alcohol category.

Seedlip has been embraced by the world’s best bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers across the globe, but how did that journey begin? In this episode Ben talks about the strategy behind the launch of the brand, shares insights into some of the early challenges and successes and offers his advice for other businesses looking to scale, grow and succeed today.

Episode 1: Rob Small, President & Co-Founder of Miniclip
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Miniclip Corporate Logo

Success Stories - Rob Small

  • Rob Small
    President & Co-Founder
    of Miniclip
  • Nimesh Shah
    CEO of Blick Rothenberg

Today Miniclip are an international digital games and entertainment company that develop, publish and distribute multiplayer mobile games including the highly popular 8 Ball Pool.

They currently reach an incredible 250 million players each month, over 195 countries and across six continents, and their audience keeps growing.

Miniclip’s experience, passion, and people provide them with a unique understanding of the digital games space, with extensive worldwide distribution and an internationally recognised brand.

However, the beginning of their journey 20 years ago amidst the dot-com era wasn’t without its challenges.

In this first episode of our Success Stories series, founder Rob Small talks about the strategy behind the launch of Miniclip, shares insights into some of the early challenges and successes, and offers his advice for other businesses looking to scale, grow and succeed today.

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