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Intended to be a two-minute read, the Spotlight On series is designed to help you remain compliant and make you aware of the planning areas that could improve your cash flow.

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Change of basis for partnerships, LLPs and sole traders

03 May 2023

In this latest edition, Mark Eade looks at the change in basis for partnerships, LLPs and sole traders, and provides an overview of the rules, together with highlighting various practical considerations.


When is an audit required and what are the options for UK companies?

27 March 2023

In this latest edition, Nick Winters looks at what you need to know about audit, audit exemption, and other options and provides an overview of the rules as well as certain practical considerations.

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Corporate Interest Restriction (CIR)

19 January 2023

In this edition, Ravi Singh Basra looks at Corporate Interest Restriction (CIR) and provides an overview of the rules and certain practical considerations.


Allowing staff to have a Christmas ‘Workation’

1 December 2022

In this edition, Robert Salter looks at hybrid and remote working, and the growing trend for workations at this time of year.


Super-Deduction Capital Allowances

31 October 2022

In this edition, Genevieve Morris discusses the 'Super-Deduction' and why companies looking at capital intensive projects may look to defer expenditure until after April 2023.

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VAT & Barter Transactions

13 September 2022

In this edition, VAT Partner Simon Newark looks at an often overlooked, unusual VAT consequence of many common business transactions, particularly in the property sector.

Spotlight on… How the reforms to R&D tax relief may affect you

How the reforms to R&D tax relief may affect you

9 August 2022

In this edition, Corporate Tax Partner Neil Insull looks at R&D tax relief and the significance of potential changes for those who outsource R&D work.


Are business lunches tax-free for employees?

27 June 2022

In this edition, Global Mobility Director Robert Salter looks at the need for employers to have a far greater understanding of when employees can or cannot claim for business lunches.


Tax rates for business owners

24 February 2022

In this edition Marc Levy looks at the impact of the new Health and Social Care Levy on tax rates for business owners and what you need to know before the changes come into effect from 6 April 2022.

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Electric cars

24 January 2022

In this edition Employment Tax specialist Jo How and VAT Partner Simon Newark are talking about electric cars.

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Upcoming changes to R&D

2 December 2021

Robert Harness looks at the upcoming changes to R&D tax relief and what you need to know before the changes come into affect from April 2023.

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Tax-efficient investment opportunities for UK employees and directors

20 September 2021

Simonne Inarejos and Tim Shaw provide an overview of how growth shares work and how they are treated for tax purposes.

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Corporate Interest Restriction rules

25 August 2021

Ravi Singh Basra and Tim Shaw provide an overview of the Corporate Interest Restriction rules.

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Raining Funds using EIS or SEIS

4 August 2021

Corporate Tax Partner, Tim Shaw provides a reminder and in depth look at raising funds using EIS or SEIS.

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Working from home allowances

13 July 2021

Employment Tax specialist Jo How looks at the working from home tax relief and how you can apply.


Enterprise Management Incentive schemes

15 June 2021

Head of Corporate Tax, Genevieve Morris takes an in-depth look at Enterprise Management Incentive Schemes.

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Intercompany Loans

26 April 2021

Corporate Tax Partner Heather Self takes a look at intercompany loans and how to avoid a nasty tax charge.

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Extension of the loss relief rule

7 April 2021

Neil Insull discusses the decision to extend the loss relief rule which will allow a carry back of trading losses for three years instead of one year.

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Super-Deduction Capital Allowances

16 March 2021

Head of Corporate Tax Genevieve Morris discusses a new “super-deduction” and how the relief will be operated.

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Employee ownership trusts

25 January 2021

Contemplating the sale of your company by way of an exit or business succession transaction? James Pilbeam explains how employee ownership trusts could help.


Research & Development Tax Credits for SMEs

7 January 2021

Neil Insull explores the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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Tax implications for businesses of alternatives to Christmas parties

10 December 2020

With company Christmas parties not possible as a result of social distancing rules, what can businesses do instead?

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Companies accruing large holiday pay amounts need to understand the tax implications

11 November 2020

Are you currently preparing your accounts and tax provisions, and notice a large holiday pay accrual on your balance sheet? If so, you need to understand the tax treatment and implications of the accrual, says Genevieve Morris.

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