UN Climate Change Conference

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October – 12 November 2021.

Blick Rothenberg Partner Alex Altmann will lead the German trade mission participating at COP26 organised by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce in Glasgow from 1-4 November.

This key business initiative is the largest ever international trade mission hosted by a British Chambers of Commerce and is designed to support business in the delivery of circular economy solutions, sustainability and climate targets.

The mission will bring together up to 100 leading sustainable and circular businesses from across the world. Through inspiring content and an online expo, participants will have the opportunity to learn from pioneers in sustainability and circular solutions, and explore how together, we can accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and decarbonised economy.

To raise awareness of COP26, we will share an article written by our experts each day the conference takes place with a focus on green taxation.


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Incentivising speed on green technology enhancements

The Chancellor should utilise the existing system for claiming credits for R&D activity but offer deductions for 'green technology' businesses

Green business_1975731365 V3

Green tax incentives for capital expenditure

The Government could identify a specific change which would make a real difference to emissions and offer a specific incentive.

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UK becomes the first G20 country to mandate climate related disclosures for its largest businesses

When does this apply from and which businesses are affected?

Electric Vehicle charging_500x333

VAT and electric vehicles

At present, the UK Government’s approach to VAT for electric vehicles (EVs) is a mess. Simon Newark explores the current VAT policies.

Business travel man airport_140088655_500x333

Rishi Sunak needs to use the tax system to encourage greener behaviour

One of the most disappointing aspects of the Budget was that it did nothing from an environmental perspective.

Green business start up_1301854972 V2

EIS/SEIS incentives for green start-ups

The Government should consider targeting the existing incentives to promote green start-ups. In this article, James Pilbeam looks at how this could be achieved.

Solar panel moden uk houses_1353196124 V2

The green agenda - VAT on energy saving materials

In announcing his Budget plans last week, did the Chancellor miss a trick ahead of this week’s COP26 conference?

Modern new housing England_87697822

Stamp Duty Relief for zero carbon homes

The Government should reintroduce a Stamp Duty relief for purchases of homes that meet a specified standard of energy efficiency.

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Green government loan scheme

The cost of reducing your carbon footprint can be prohibitive. David Hough explores how the Government could incentivise homeowners to live a greener lifestyle.

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