Understanding your needs

The board of directors lead the company and its management, making strategic and operational decisions and have responsibility for ensuring that the company meets its statutory obligations.

The Companies Act 2006 imposes a number of obligations on directors and getting the right advice is critical as penalties for not meeting these obligations can be financial, criminal and reputational.

How can we help


  • Help improve governance and compliance
  • Reduce risks including personal, compliance and reputational
  • Help provide effective oversight       

Director support

  • Meeting personal compliance obligations in relation to the directorship in the UK and overseas
  • Helping directors meet their personal tax compliance obligations and maximise opportunities to save tax   

Global Talent

  • Help you grow your global talent pool, particularly at the senior level
  • Provide you with different approaches and best practice to scale and grow quickly
  • Support you to quickly onboard board members

Social security tax

  • Help organisations meet their international social security obligations, including calculating National Insurance Contributions for directors, claiming available exemptions from social security, planning and helping make voluntary contributions when mandatory obligations are no longer required

Employment tax

  • Help organisations understand their employer compliance obligations in the UK and overseas
  • Manage employer obligations effectively through operating payrolls and preparing P11Ds                                             

Strategic thinking

  • Expense management
  • Format and location of board meeting

Overseas issues

  • Support your overseas directors in both the UK and with thier home country reporting

Our people, your partners


We work with a wide range of UK and international organisations supporting them with their director compliance obligations.

Our award-winning team build long-term relationships by consistently providing exceptional service. We treat each director like an individual and tailor services to meet their needs. We believe it is important for the advisor to be there to support the director and to allow them to focus on their job not on tax.

Some of our team are members of ICSA - the Chartered Governance Institute. We understand the specific needs and concerns of company secretaries. 


We offer all of our clients high-quality advice and support regardless of their grade. However, we recognise directors’ affairs are often more complex and we understand that many directors struggle for time to focus on their personal compliance obligations. We can therefore provide a tailored service so that our advice and support is better aligned to individual needs. For example, for some of our clients we provide the following additional support, which can be tailored individually for each director:

  • A tax information and general tax planning meeting at the start of each tax year. This is a good opportunity to catch-up, gather information for the tax return/other compliance obligations and answer any questions the individual has.
  • Our tax advisors can work with others such as spouses and PA’s to assist the individual with collection of data needed for tax returns and other compliance obligations.
  • A tax meeting to hand deliver the completed tax return and explain the tax calculation and answer questions the individual has.
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Mark Abbs

"We provide a different type of service – genuinely independent; exceptional and high-quality tax advice."


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